Do I Have to Throw Away Dirty CPAP Gear?

Sleep apnea can be one big burden in your life. This is why it is a good thing that they are easy to use and easy to replace parts as needed. They can be high maintenance if you aren’t quite sure how to use them yet and they take a bit of practice and getting used to. Lumin vs Soclean

If your CPAP machine is getting moldy you are doing something wrong. People normally clean their CPAP machine every day. Now, if you are new at using the CPAP machine you are probably a little bit unmotivated to properly clean it and do a thorough job every single day.

You have to take it apart and use soap though. If your machine is not in use, especially if you have a humidifier in there you are going to need to clean everything out with soap and wipe it down with a warm wet rag before you lay it out flat to dry. This is mandatory so you don’t grow any fungus.

Mold and bacteria is dangerous because you can breathe it in and it can get in your lungs. You can also catch pneumonia if you don’t use it right. You don’t want to make it too warm and keep it on for too long because the water could fill your lungs up with water and the moisture can cause you to come down with pneumonia.

Can you imagine getting pneumonia and having mold in your lungs at the same time? All you have to do to prevent this is do a little bit of cleaning. Take an extra 15 minutes out of your day to take everything apart, de-germ it and then let it dry so nothing can grow in the dark warm crevices with the old germs in it. All you have to do is continue to clean it and make a habit out of it.

Cleaning your CPAP machine is not a big deal. Once you get in the swing of it you will be much happier and see that it isn’t that bad. It really does feel good to accomplish small tasks every day and get into a healthy routine. Having mold in your lungs is just going to create more problems for you in the long run. It is the best idea to be pro-active about your new lifestyle. Don’t throw away your moldy gear if it is cleanable. If it is beyond repair then just get a new one and start fresh.

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