Convert Protected WMA – A Simple How To

If you are looking for legal high quality music downloads then there is a good chance you have tried a service like Rhapsody and Napster. Although these services offer quality ultra high speed downloads they usually only come in the format of copy protected wma. To truly enjoy the benefits of the music you are required to pay an additional fee to the monthly fee you already pay. That is unless you convert protected wma to mp3.

By striping the copy protected from the music file you can avoid paying the per song price. Without the copy protection the file is unrestricted and you can burn the tracks to a CD as well as add them to your iTunes and iPod or any MP3 player you have. The best part is that its all 100% legal. By using highly specialized software that you can find at sites like you can start converting protected wma to mp3 and save yourself a bunch of money.

The software works by taking the downloaded DRM copy protected music files that are stored locally on your computer and run them through your computer’s sound card. Then the software is able to capture the digital signals of the music file along with all the file data like artist, genre, album, lyrics and cover art work and convert it into a mp3 that is unprotected.

Since you can download unlimited tracks from Rhapsody and Napster you can literally fill up an entire 120 gig iPod in about two days or less depending on your computer and download speeds. Imagine how much money that will save you.

In addition to the ability to convert protected wma to mp3 you can also convert protected WMV downloads as well as iTunes movie rentals. So having the right software gives the power to have any music or movie you want quick and easy.

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